Barking Deer

Facts About Barking Deer

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A Barking Deer has a letter Y on its face! This shape is a bony ridge that extends from the base of its antler or tuft for females, over its eyes, down each side of the face with the ridges converging at the nose.

Do you know! It’s known as Barking deer because its mark a bark like sound when sensing danger!

The secretion from the lachrymal glands under the deer’s eyes is used to mark its territory and communicate with other Barking Deer.

The Barking Deer is mostly solitary except for a female with its offspring or small groups that are formed when mating occurs. Unlike other deer, the Barking Deer has no specific mating season and breeding occurs throughout the year.

Barking Deer main diet consist of grass, leaves, fruits and shoots, of various species.

Barking Deer gestation period is 210 days, and will give birth to 1 - 2 fawns per pregnancy. Birth takes place in dense cover and stay hidden until it is strong enough to follow its mother.

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The lifespan of a Barking Deer is 10 years.

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