Bawean Deer

Facts About Bawean Deer

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The Bawean Deer is a relatively small sized deer found only on Bawean Island, a small island between Java and Borneo. This species is highly endangered by hunting and teak wood logging activities on the island.

Bawean Deer are crepuscular and nocturnal. During the day they rest in dense forest, and emerge into forest clearings around dusk. These areas are the centre of social activities such as courting, challenging, fighting and mating.

Although the Bawean Deer is usually solitary, they do communicate vocally with each other. It produces a bark like sound but unlike the Barking Deer. It does not have an alarm call when it senses danger. Instead, it tries to escape quietly to avoid detection.

The main diet of Bawean Deer is composed of grass, leaves and shoots, of various species.

Bawean Deer gestation period is 225 - 230 days, and will give birth to 1 - 2 fawns per pregnancy. Bawean Deer fawns usually born between February and June.

The lifespan of a Bawean Deer is 15 years.

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