Clouded Leopard

Facts About Clouded Leopard

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The Clouded Leopard is the smallest member of the big cats.

The reclusive, solitary and nocturnal creature is found in South, East and Southeast Asia.

It is largely arboreal, hunting prey and rests on tree branches during the day.

Its prey includes deer, macaque, slow loris, brush tailed porcupine, Malayan pangolin and squirrel.

Do you know! They are among the best climbers in the cat family, able to climb upside down under branches, suspend by their hind legs and even descend head first.

However, they do spend a lot time on the ground, and some habitat environments without tall trees.

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Clouded Leopards have been observed to scent mark by urine spraying and head-rubbing on trees and rocks.

Like other big cats, Clouded Leopards are not able to purr, but otherwise, they have a wide range of vocalisations, including meowing, hissing, growling and moaning.

Clouded Leopard mating season is all year round, but more often from December – March.

The gestation period is 85 - 93 days, the female gives birth to 1 - 5 leopard cubs.

Clouded Leopard Lifespan is 14 years.

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