Facts About Emu

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The Emu is a flightless bird. It is the 3rd largest bird in the world after the Ostrich and Cassowary.

Male and female Emus look similar but female is usually larger.

Emus are found throughout Australia; mainly from woodlands, scrubland, grassland and desert areas. However, they are not found in the rainforests.

Emus feed mainly on greens like grass, flowers and seeds, but they also eat insects such as grasshoppers. Emus drink water once or twice a day.

Emu is always moving and very fast, up to 50km/h. It walks with a swaying motion. Emu is a type of migratory bird, they can roam hundreds of kilometers.

Emus pair up for breeding once they are about 2 years old. The male builds the nest out of grass and weeds on the ground. The female will lay 5 to 20 eggs on a 1-meter-wide nest.

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The eggs are incubated by the male Emu for 8 weeks. Once hatched the male cared for the hatchings for another 6 to 9 months.

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