Estuarine Crocodile

Facts About Estuarine Crocodile

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Estuarine Crocodile are the largest reptiles in the world and are often said to be the most dangerous to humans. It can be found in several habitats ranging from Southeast Asia to northern Australia.

Male Estuarine Crocodile usually measure between 6 - 7 meters and for females is 3 - 4 meters. Their weight can reach up to 1300 kg for males and 900 kg for females.

Estuarine Crocodile are predators capable of catching big size animals such as buffaloes, both in the water or on land. Juvenile crocodiles will eat smaller animals such as insects, amphibians, shellfish, small reptiles and fish.

Its terrifying hunting technique is known as dead roll, while gripping its prey with its powerful jaw, the crocodile rolls over and over till its prey dies.

Estuarine Crocodile can produce between 35 - 50 eggs at a time, and hatching occurs after 90 days. The hatching temperature determines the crocodile sex type.

Do you know! A crocodile egg at 31.6 degrees Celsius will produce male young. While the temperature that are higher or lower than 31.6 degrees Celsius results in a female young.

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The lifespan of an Estuarine Crocodile is 70 years.

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