Facts About Gaur

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The Gaur is a species of wild cattle found in South and Southeast Asia.

Gaurs are the most powerful and heaviest of all wild cattle and are among the largest living land animals, after elephants, rhino and hippos. The largest Gaur weighs as much as a giraffe which is around 1500 kg.

Adult male Gaur have highly muscular bodies, distinctive dorsal ridges, and large dewlaps forming a very powerful appearance.

Gaurs live in herd of up to 30 animals, led by a dominant male. They are crepuscular, which means they are active at dawn and dusk, and rest under the tree by day.

Gaur’s diet consists mostly of the upper portions of plants, such as leaf blades, stems, seeds and flowers of grass species.

Breeding take place all year round, but typically peaks between December and June. Its gestation periods are 275 days and gave birth to 1 - 2 calves.

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Gaur life span is 25 years.

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