Malayan Elephant

Facts About Malayan Elephant

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The Asian Elephant is a huge land animal that is found all the way from Sri Lanka, India through Indochina to Malaysia and Sumatra.

Nowadays, most Asian elephants are used extensively for labour and very few are left in the wild.

This mammal has very strong social bonds and lives in family groups headed by an elephant cow called a matriarch. Bull elephants will occasionally join the group.

Elephants are excellent swimmers. Elephants have few natural enemies except for man. There are in extreme danger of extinction due to loss of habitat and poaching as they are killed for their valuable ivory tusks.

Tusks are two enlarge incisors used for digging up roots and tubers. It is used for self-defence and attracting female elephants. Elephant tusk can grow up to 1.5 m.

Some female elephants have small short tusks called tushes. Females with bigger tushes are usually superior than those with none or smaller.

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This herbivorous animal is huge, thick skinned with fan shaped ears. The ears not only hear well, but also help the elephant lose excess heat, as hot blood flows near the surface.

They have wrinkled, grey brown skin that is almost hairless.

Gestation period is 20 - 22 months, and will give birth to a calf. Male elephant reaches sexual maturity in 10 - 14 years, whereas female elephant is 8 - 9 years.

Life span of an elephant is 60 - 75 years.

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