Malayan Porcupine

Facts About Malayan Porcupine

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The Malayan Porcupine is a shy and elusive rodent which is nocturnal.

Malayan Porcupine can be found in most part of Asia such as China, India, Indochina region, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

Malayan porcupines are terrestrial and usually to be found in small groups in various types of forest habitats. They live mostly on the ground, making theirs dens under tree roots, rock crevices or burrows that they dug or abandoned by other animals.

The Malayan Porcupine is an excellent swimmer but does not climb tree very well.

Malayan Porcupine favourite are fruits, insects and plants.

Malayan Porcupine shares a burrow with its mates and young.

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The female’s gestation period is 110 days. It gives birth to 1 - 2 litters a year.

The life span of the porcupine is between 12 - 15 years.

When threatened, the Malayan Porcupines stamps its feet repeatedly, and shake its tail to produce a rattling sound. Contrary to common belief, it cannot shoot its quills.

The muscles at the base of each quill make it stand up when the porcupine is alarmed so that it will appear much bigger. Like all hairs, these quills also shed naturally and even more so when the animal shakes vigorously.

Malayan Porcupines are known to charge at its foes. So beware if you ever meet a porcupine.

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