Malayan Tapir

Facts About Malayan Tapir

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Tapirs are a long-established mammal. It is also known as Cipan, Kipan, Badak Tampung, Badak Tenuk, Badak Babi, Kuda Air and Senuk.

There are four types of Tapirs, one in Asia and the other three in Central and South America. The Malayan Tapir is the largest and only species in Southeast Asia.

Malayan Tapir is easily recognizable by its white and black fur color. This pattern looks very noticeable but actually helps the Tapir disguise itself in the forest at night because it is a nocturnal animal.

Tapirs travel for long distances in search of food. It can climb hills and swim well. It lives in a small group consisting of an adult pair or a mother with her children.

The appearance of a baby Tapir is quite different from that of an adult Tapir. Its brown fur is horizontal and speckled like brown watermelon seeds. When they are 4 - 7 months old, then the baby Tapir begins to look like an adult Tapir. The nose and lips are joined into a short and very flexible trunk.

The main diet of Tapir is composed of the upper part of plants such as leaves, shoots, seeds and flowers of various species.

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The mating season occurs throughout the year, but more frequently in December - June. The gestation period is 390 - 400 days, and will give birth to 1 baby per pregnancy.

The lifespan of a Tapir is 30 years.

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