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Known by many other names and taking over many forests in the world, Axis Deer are an elegant species with magnificent antlers. They are always a good friend to langur monkeys and loyal to their partner.

“Blue Cow” referring to the bluish-grey colour of adult males Nilgai. However, they are not a cow or a bull. What are Nilgai?

International symbol of peace with a golden crown. It is the African Crowned Crane. They are loyal to their life partner and enjoy undisturbed life. Safe them now!

A critically endangered Bawean Deer that was overly hunted by human and habitat was disrupted by teak plantations. Can they survive the extinction?

This terrifying sea creature killed 1000 people yearly, yet has gone unnoticed. They often move quietly in the water and have the greatest bite pressure of all living creatures. Let’s dive deeper into this terrifying creature.

Many people are still unaware, while some ignore the facts, that we are pushing our planet to the very brink. The survival of our next generation is in your hands. What do you plan to do?

The unique stripes make zebra, a zebra. Yet, it has many secrets you don’t know. Let’s learn about this endangered species.

The hippo is a big semiaquatic animal. There are many misconceptions about this unique, yet lethal megaherbivore. Let's take a closer look at a few of them.

Siamangs are not just physically but also behaviorally unique from other gibbons. Let's get to know them a little better!

Although all birds are descendants of dinosaurs, cassowary have one of the most distinguishing visual traits, which is thought to have been present in many dinosaurs.

The world’s second-largest terrestrial animal, Rhinoceros, has some natural allies. Yet, they still lose to humans. Do we know why?

Ostrich is an awesome big, flightless birds. They are the winner of so many records. Want to know which records they won? Watch this!

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