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Siamangs are not just physically but also behaviorally unique from other gibbons. Let's get to know them a little better!

Although all birds are descendants of dinosaurs, cassowary have one of the most distinguishing visual traits, which is thought to have been present in many dinosaurs.

The world’s second-largest terrestrial animal, Rhinoceros, has some natural allies. Yet, they still lose to humans. Do we know why?

Ostrich is an awesome big, flightless birds. They are the winner of so many records. Want to know which records they won? Watch this!

White-Handed Gibbons are an acrobatic expert, brachiating from tree to tree without a sweat. Let’s get to know them better.

False Gharial, like every living creature, has its own strength and weakness too. Let’s explore their strength and weakness together.

This cute little slow loris are dangerous. Don’t try to bully them just because they are cute. They can kill you with just a bite.

Let's come together and learn more about Tigers, our only apex predator that is on the blink of extinction.

There are two giraffes, named Mas and Malewar, in the zoo. What do they do everyday?

Do you know, chimpanzees are genetically closest to humans? They shared about 98.6% of our DNA, more than monkeys and other great apes.

Do you know why the tallest living animal, giraffe's tongue is black in colour?

MyZooTaiping has managed to derive a sustainable way to save milky stork. Let's celebrate together!

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