Sambar Deer

Facts About Sambar Deer

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Sambar Deer are nocturnal or crepuscular. The male Sambar Deer is among the largest in Southeast Asia. It is solitary, very territorial and aggressive during the breeding season. The male is polygynous, mating with as many female deer as it can.

Females live in small herds of only 3 or 4 individuals, each an adult female, her most recent young, and one or two immature female deer.

Sambar breed throughout the year and more often from September - January. Its gestation period is about 8 - 9 months and often only one fawn is born and breastfed for a few months.

Its main food consists of grass, leaves, and fruits of forest trees. Sambar is difficult to be seen even at the places where it roams. It will run away upon hearing anything. If attacked by a tiger, leopard or lying dog, it will plunge into the river and swim away.

Only male deer have horns of three branches on either side and, it can reach a length of 1 meter. The length from head to end of the body is between 1.7 - 2.7 meters, weighs between 150 - 315 kilograms.

The lifespan of Sambar Deer is 26 years.

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