Smooth Otter

Facts About Smooth Otter

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The Smooth Otter is the most common otter. It is named for its shorter, smoother coat than that of other otters.

This otter is monogamous and usually seen all year round in small family groups of 6 - 8 members.

It has more rounded head and a hairless nose compared to other otters. The tail is more flattened, in contrast to the more rounded tails of other species and measures 60% of its body length.

Like other Otters, Smooth Otter has webbed toes and strong paws with sharp claws.

They feed mainly on fishes. They also hunt rats, snakes, amphibians and insects for food.

Smooth Otter’s mating season is all year round, but more often from October - February.

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The Smooth Otter gestation period is 60 - 63 days, the female gives birth up to five pups.

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