Urgency in Nature Conservation

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Nature needs you or you need nature? Which is your answer?

Our planet is at a crossroads. We have to decide the path ahead. Many people are still unaware, while some ignore the facts, that we are pushing our planet to the very brink. In the sphere of science, the consequences of our actions have never been more clear. We have shown our awareness by increasing our investments in seeking the best solutions.

Whatever the scientific solutions are, the Earth will not be as beautiful as the previous if it is just an effort of small groups. Similar to vaccination, many more people must join forces to save the planet. We hope that one of them will be you.

Unnatural Threats and Pressures

The world’s population has increased 7 times since the beginning of the industrial revolution, surpassing 7.6 billion. The demand for energy, land, and water has increased due to the rapidly growing human population. Millions of species are under threat due to human activities like urbanisation, agriculture, industrialization, overexploitation of Earth’s resources, pollution, poaching, and climate change.

Abnormal vs. Normal Extinction

Human-induced change is so great that we are entering the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch with the planet’s climate and ecosystems taking significant impact from human activities.

The imbalanced extinction rate, which is 1,000 – 10,000 times greater than the background extinction rate, has had an impact on our rich biodiversity. Out of the 8.7 million species, 1 million are expected to become extinct.

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There is one extinction happening as you read this.

Why Biodiversity Matters?

Everything that has built modern human society is provided by nature. Our health, wealth, livelihoods, foods, living resources, culture and spirituality are depending on nature.

Our medicines were created using natural materials. Nature contributes to the creation of all our foods. According to research, the state of the natural environment reflects on our health.

According to the World Economic Forum, nature contributes to more than half of the world’s GDP or around 44 trillion dollars. One-fifth of the world’s population relies on forests for their livelihood.

What would happen if the ingredients for traditional cuisines or the religious representations of animals vanished? Will our cultural identity be lost? Will we renounce our religious convictions?

Before It Is Too Late

Are we able to bend the curve of biodiversity loss? The answer is impossible. Biodiversity loss is irreversible. However, it is never too late to stop it from getting worse.

Despite multiple international policy agreements, local government policies and extensive research, biodiversity is still declining. What can you do both on your own and as a member of a business?

What Do You Need To Do?

To save the Earth for your next generation, the only option is for humans to adapt their lifestyle to be sustainable and live within the mean of our planet.

As part of a business, you should revisit all the operational procedures and streamline all processes to minimize their energy and natural resources requirements. The ultimate objective is to reduce the carbon footprint of your business’s entire operation.

As an individual, your personal goal should be to reduce the carbon footprint of your daily activities. Only go for what you need, not what you want. Supporting products from sustainable manufacturing practices. Encouraging locally produced goods to reduce the carbon footprint from the logistics. Choose products with lesser or recyclable packaging. Reduce food and resource wastage. Adopting a lifestyle that has the lowest impact on the environment.

The survival of our next generation is in your hands.