White Handed Gibbon

Facts About White Handed Gibbon

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White Handed Gibbon is found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. It has white hands and feet.

White Handed Gibbon is known as a jungle entertainer. Every morning, the jungle is entertained by the ear-piercing howls of different groups of Gibbon. These "duets" are usually between a mated pair. Besides strengthening the couple’s bonding, these calls also proclaim each group’s territory and ward off possible invaders.

The diets of the White Handed Gibbon are fruits, leaves, insects, and flowers.

The gestation period is about 6 months. They usually give birth to a child. Its lifespan is about 25 years.

The White Handed Gibbon is an endangered primate, due to hunting and habitat loss caused by human activities. Join us to conserve our environment!

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